What to Buy and What Not to Buy When Maternity Shopping

When that time comes in your life when you need to buy some maternity clothes for your ever growing baby bump, don’t go crazy and purchase everything on that maternity store checklist. There are plenty of items that you can purchase from regular clothing stores or that you already own in your wardrobe.

I am now pregnant with my second child, and although things are a little different this time around, I still haven’t needed to go to the maternity store for everything to look and feel great throughout my pregnancy. Here is my list of items I suggest purchasing and some items you can definitely skip out on.

How to Buy Maternity Clothes – A Guide for First Time Moms

Buy: Maternity Jeans

Every woman gets to a point in her pregnancy where she will no longer be able to close the top button of her favourite jeans. This is the time to store them away for post-baby and purchase a stretchy, comfy pair with a soft attached belly band.

Skip: Maternity Cardigans

You can easily use a cardigan you already own or purchase a cute one from any store and just leave the front open, looks cute on everyone.

Buy: Belly Band

I say this with caution. I suggest only using a belly band to extend the length of the shirts you already have. I do not suggest using it to cover the top of your jeans when you can no longer button them up. You do not want to risk it sliding up and exposing your underwear.

Skip: Maternity Underwear

Honestly, I don’t see a difference between maternity underwear and regular cotton underwear so why pay more. However, I do suggest changing from wearing any delicate underwear to a cotton bikini style for more coverage and a more breathable material.

Buy: Maternity T-shirts or Tanks

I found that you go through periods that you are extremely hot and so you will need to be prepared with a light shirt on underneath so you can peel the layers. If you choose to not purchase a belly band, maternity t-shirts or tanks will be long enough to cover your belly.

Skip: Blazers

This is something I am sure you already own. So no need to spend the money on a maternity one.  Just leave the buttons undone and you will still look professional.

Buy: Stretchy Slim Skirt

If you choose to purchase a slim maternity pencil skirt, then you can wear any shirt you already have and the skirt will come up over the belly. If you go with a regular length skirt then make sure to own shirts that are long enough to cover the bump fully.

Skip: Ponchos or Large Sweaters

Again, shop your wardrobe for these items since they are already large they will fit over your belly just fine. If you don’t own them just shop for them in a regular clothing store and go up a size as long as the arms still fit. Also, when I suggest a large sweater I am not saying wear your husbands.

Buy: 1 or 2 Maternity Dresses

Purchase a maternity dress to avoid the front of your dress rising as your belly grows. Maternity dresses are very cute and give a lot of extra material no matter how large your belly grows.

Skip: Maternity Accessories

Don’t purchase special maternity belts with large flowers or designs on them to showcase your belly. Your belly is beautiful and everyone can already see it. If you really want to emphasize it use a slim belt you already own to do so.

Buy: Maternity Leggings

I live in these…in my house. I just find that my non-pregnant leggings start to dig into me even when I push it below my belly. Just like the maternity jeans, the soft attached belly band will make lounging at home way more comfortable and you can pair it with a large sweater or long tunic if going out.

Skip: Maternity Lounge Pants

I found that using maternity leggings and my already owned lounge wear was enough. No need to purchase extra items. If you really need another pair then just purchase a larger pair of lounge pants from any regular store.

Buy: Comfy Nursing Bras

I know you are thinking ‘I don’t need a nursing bra yet’ however, for some woman who have larger breasts as your belly gets bigger it pushes your under-wire up and can be very uncomfortable. This is where a softer nursing bra comes in handy.

Skip: Maternity Swimsuits

You might as well show off your beautiful bump and continue to wear your favourite bikini or plan to borrow a one-piece from a friend. Buying a ‘maternity swimsuit’ just means spending more money on a swimsuit with lots of ruching.

Where to Shop? I recommend Motherhood Maternity for the first time mom.  They always have deals on (like buy one get one) so you can get more for your money.  But it can all depend on which location you go to… a good rule of thumb is to go in with a plan and if the sales associate suggests additional items, buy them on another visit (after you have had time to actually think about it) so you don’t end up spending more than you need to.

I hope these suggestions help you when you plan to go out and do your maternity shopping.

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  1. Hey Christina

    Gr8 post!

    I’m in first trimester, added the list on my must-buy for coming months. I have bought some dresses from morph maternity, have you got the chance to check them.


  2. Hey Christina

    Gr8 post! I’m in my 1st trimester, and noted your recommended list.

    Bought some dresses from morph maternity,the have nice stuffs. Have you got the chance to check them.


  3. Hi Sanah,

    Congratulations that you are expecting!! I’m glad you enjoyed my maternity shopping list and hope it helps you when it comes time to purchase more items.

    I had not heard of Morph Maternity before, but they definitely have some nice items.

    I hope your pregnancy goes well.

    Thanks Christina
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