Calgary Coffee Culture: The City’s Best Coffee Shops

I probably drink too much coffee.  What started off as a casual cup has now escalated into a coffee snob addiction.  I suppose it’s one of those blessings/curses of working in sales because 9 times out of 10, my client meetings take place inside downtown coffee shops.

When it comes to the BEST coffee in Calgary, there are a few things that I take into consideration.  First of all, service.  That’s not just the friendly faces, but the cleanliness of the coffee shop.  I have been in a few shops that smell a little or have ill maintained seating.  Another criteria I have is the ambiance.  The best coffee places have a hipster feel to them.  Sure, you can go to a Tim Hortons for your boost, but if you are serious about coffee, you need to find a place to become part of the culture.  Finally, I order an Americano, black.  If that tastes good – I’m sold.

So when you take into consideration 4 years of outside sales and coffee shops… well, I like to think of myself as an expert when it comes to finding the best place to sit down and grab a cup of joe.

Here’s the List: The Best Coffee in Calgary

Phil & Sebastian – East Village

Cafe Artigiano – Watermark (My Go-To!)

Higher Ground Cafe – Kensington

Gravity Espresso & Wine Bar – Inglewood

Bumpy’s Cafe – 10th Ave & 9th Street SW

Rosso Coffee Roasters – Victoria Park

Deville – Stephen Ave (They have a Nutella Latte- which is absolutely worth any guilt that may follow)

The Purple Perk – Mission


Do you think I am missing a prime coffee spot downtown Calgary? Leave you suggestion in the comments below (and then tell me why I MUST go there!)

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2 comments on “Calgary Coffee Culture: The City’s Best Coffee Shops

  1. Add Luke’s Drug Mart in Bridgeland (only source for Four Barrel in western Canada), Monogram (they’re opening new location at 5th ave place but until then, Altadore and inside Crave Cupcakes in Kensington), remove Higher Ground (office coffee beans, generally stuck in 1996) and Purple Perk (filthy, zero quality control, and P&S Mission is LITERALLY ACROSS THE STREET from this dump). I’m okay with your other choices but honestly Purple Perk and Higher Ground are embarrassing in city that’s evolved the likes of P&S, Analog, Monogram. Oh, check out Kaffeklatsch in the old Y, amazing tiny space!!

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