About Us

It’s Either One or the Other…

At least that’s how it feels, doesn’t it? Focus on family and get your priorities straight or focus on money and freedom but risk those true priorities. It’s a classic case of the grass being greener. Two families living in drastically different worlds, looking over the fence and wondering what they are missing.

So most people end up settling on a somewhat happy medium. They concede to the 9-5 rat race, enjoy their 2-4 weeks’ of family vacation, set up the RRSP and look forward to the eventual “freedom” that comes from retirement. Maybe they won’t get to travel like those young single backpackers trekking across Europe after they graduate. Maybe they won’t be embarking on a 4 week cruise through the Mediterranean until they reach 65. And maybe those things aren’t that important. Afterall, they are choosing family first and that means responsibility and low-risk decisions. The only trouble is… looking over the fence and wondering what the Jones’ are up to.

But what if it’s not either one or the other? What if there is a way to maximize our lives every day and enjoy the work we do, enjoy the family we have, and still experience wonders of this planet?

We call this the Best of Both Worlds. This is not a blog about escaping the 9-5 to find a 4-hour work week, but rather a lifestyle blog that highlights both the awesome things we experience in our home each day and the opportunities that we find to travel outside our home.

…and one last note – backpacking Europe and the Mediterranean Cruise are on our family’s bucket list prior to age 65!

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Our Story

At the time this blog is launching, we (Jamie and Christina) are creeping up on our 7th year wedding anniversary.  It’s seems like just yesterday that we were quitting our high school jobs (ask us how we met) and heading off to build our careers and a foundation for our own little adventure.  Christina had completed her Photography program at Fanshawe College and was entering into the fashion industry.  Jamie graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and was ready to join the corporate world.

Fast forward 7 years – we have relocated with our jobs from Ontario to Alberta, bought a house, welcomed our dog (Molly) and our first child into the world (Jacob), and are now ready for that next adventure… blogging.

Christina Newman:

Occupation: Stay-at-Home Mom and Photographer

Interests: Travel, Fashion, Photography, Home Decor

Why Blog? After our son Jacob was born, I decided to take the opportunity to do something I am truly passionate about.  I always thought it was photography, but the more I get out behind my camera, the more I realize that it isn’t always the art work but more of the experiences I have with my camera and the desire to share those with others.  Through this blog, I get to share some awesome photographs about a ton of things that are important to me.  I also have the freedom and flexability to change my mind on what those things are… be it a new pair of shoes, an awe-striking mountainscape, grilled cheese sandwhiches in the back yard, or the latest piece of furniture I’ve arranged in my house.

Jamie Newman:

Occupation: Sales

Interests: Travel, Music, Cooking, Business

Why Blog? For starters, I need to get better about keeping in touch with family and friends… so blogging is forcing me to start using social media since I am very poor at picking up the phone.  Beyond that, I’ve had a lot of fun helping Christina set up her photography portfolio, ChristinaNewmanPhotography.com.  Through learning about blogging and building a photography business, I became intrigued with how people start online businesses and become entrepreneurs. …and finally, the more I’ve blogged, the more addicted I get and I am not starting my next project, YourBestManager.com which is a business management/leadership web site.  Next I’ll need to find an online outlet for my love of music!