30 Day Challenge – Wake Up Early

I love the idea of waking up early every day.  I also think the people that can do it consistently are nuts.

Waking up early sounds great…

I imagine myself rising early, spending some alone time reading the news and sipping coffee.  I imagine a fried egg crackling in the pan and the smell of lightly toasted bread.  I imagine the fresh post-workout feeling as I take my time driving into the office for the day.  I imagine the accomplished feeling of morning productivity.

Sleeping in feels great…

…and then my alarm goes off and I remember how awesome sleep feels and how lousy waking up feels.  Those early risers are crazy for abandoning the sweet morning bliss of sleeping in!

Hitting snooze feels like the best decision in the world because it would be a terrible idea to get up now.  After all, if I am missing out on sleep, the effects could be devastating!  I might be irritable all day, develop a headache through the day, lose my patience when I return home after work, or invite some germs into a sleep deprived immune system and start to get sick.

…So I’m ready to learn how to wake up early!

With all that said, I have way too many morning scrambles.  Rushing to get dressed, skipping breakfast, arriving “just on time” to work and starting the day from behind.  There are also too many evenings where time slips away and I don’t get a work-out in.

So I am going to challenge myself to early mornings for 30 days.  30 days of no snoozing.  30 days of eating breakfast, reading, working out, and getting ahead.

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